Hiring the right talent is the most crucial key to growth...
Hiring was - and still is - the most important job you have.
(Marc Bennioff, CEO Salesforce.com)

Jan Loewen / Dirk Loewen

HR Consultant in the fields of FMCG, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Luxury.

We recruit management positions (Executive Search) and positions for selected specialists (Expert Search) in the branded goods industry and for retail. In this process, our focus is on sales-related functions (Marketing, Sales, Retail, and E-Commerce) as well as on the central functions of Buying, Logistics, Human Resources, and Finance.

Prior to our time as HR Consultants, we worked in leading marketing, sales, and GM positions at Wella, Procter&Gamble,Hugo Boss and L´Oréal, Mars and Nobilis Group. Hence we have gained around 30 years of industry experience.

As an industry insider, I'm able to assess an optimal fit with the necessary requirements in order to find the right candidate faster and more efficiently.

That helps:
Our average search time is below 90 days!

Should you be curious to find out more, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Jan´s Mobile: +49 1573 7851 241 / Dirk´s Mobile: +49 1761 8851 025

Our areas of expertise lie in the FMCG, Cosmetics, Fashion and Luxury & Lifestyle industries. Please find here a selection of recent successful placements:

  • Global Category Manager - German Luxury Brand (Non-Beauty)
  • Manager Business Development - Manufactioner Digital POS Devices
  • Head of Business Unit Digital - European Drug Market Chain
  • Head of Communication - German Organic Beauty Brand
  • Global Director Customer Care - German Luxury Brand
  • Marketing Director DACH -German Beauty Brand
  • Global Director Education - German Beauty Brand
  • Head of E-Commerce - European Drug Market Chain
  • CMO/CDO - Digital Pure Player
  • Team Lead Global Brand Management Beauty - Global Player Beauty
  • Brand Manager - Global Player Beauty
  • Product Designer - Innovative Retail Format
  • Global Sales Director - Innovative Retail Format
  • Head of Global Wholesale - German Luxury Brand 
  • Country Manager Middle East - Intl. Fashion Brand
  • Commercial Lead - Luxury Beauty Brand
  • Senior Brand Manager - Fragrance Brand
  • Team Lead Supply Chain/Demand Planning - Beauty Distributor
  • Head of Sales - Premium Salon Brand
  • Marketing Director - Fragrance & Make-up
  • Business Process Manager Intl. Fashion Brand
  • Country Sales Mangager - Start-up Food & Beverage  
  • Gobal HR Director - Hidden Champion
  • Sales Director Germany - Premium Professional Haircare
  • Head of Retail Design – Luxury Cosmetic Brand
  • Marketing Director – Intl. Fragrance & Cosmetic Brand
  • Head of Sales DACH – Luxury Cosmetic Brand
  • Head of Vendor & Merchandise Management – Fashion Online Store
  • Senior Brand Manager - Luxury Cosmetic Brand
  • Leiter Sales DACH - Luxury Cosmetic Brand
  • Director Global Retail & Franchise – International operierende Galerie-Kette

Vita Jan Loewen:

  • Managing Partner / LOEWEN CONSULTING          
  • Managing Director Licenses / HUGO BOSS
  • Marketing Director / PROCTER & GAMBLE
  • Business Development Intl. / WELLA AG            
  • Key Account Manager / WELLA AG  
  • Product Management / WELLA AG                         


Vita Dirk Loewen:

  • General Manager Sales / NOBILIS GROUP
  • General Manager E-Com. / L´ORÈAL
  • General Manager Sales / L´ORÈAL LUXE 
  • Key Account Director Food / MARS        
  • Customer Director Food/ L´ORÈAL

Our approach to consulting is firmly based on including personal experiences.

In the past almost 30 years we worked for a variety of companies under highly diverse cultural conditions. We've had the opportunity to personally experience the entire sales side of an organization as well as the overall corporate responsibility. We have established and globally launched brands, products, and collections, designed and realized countless advertising campaigns (online and offline),

sat as a Key-Account Manager, Sales Director, GM Sales / Ecom at the "cold side of the table" and have been responsible for the P&L as a Managing Director.

In consequence, we base our consulting projects on these practical experiences – it often helps to know what a potential candidate should "deliver".

Loewen Consulting (www.janloewen.com)

Jan Loewen
Der Schöne Weg 138
D-72766 Reutlingen

Fon: +49 157 37851241
Mail: jan@janloewen.com

Dirk Loewen
Heyenbaumstrasse 44
D-47802 Krefeld

Fon: +49 176 18851025
Mail: dirk@dirkloewen.com